Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I love fall, and a rampage about the Christmas spirit.

I love the changing of the season. I, for one, HATE the heat of summer. There are many people who love the summer. But there isn't a soul I know who isn't finding great joy in this transition into fall.
Here is what fall means to me:
Eva and Leighton in their ADORABLE new coats
Yummy candles
Christmas getting closer

Wait...I have something to say on the topic of Christmas. I have been thinking about this the last few days, and I would like to get it out in the open. And I'm open for comments on this - whether or not I offend you. I am aware that many people, probably even some that read my blog, are the type of people who get annoyed with people like me. People who start counting down the days till Christmas in September, get their Christmas shopping done early, start listening to Christmas music in know the type. The type like me. But I have a word or two to say to you Scrooges who get all up in arms that Hobby Lobby starts putting up their Christmas merchandise in August. Yes, I'm talking to you.

You know how at Christmas time there is all this talk about "keeping the spirit of Christmas with you all throughout the year"? Well, I take this literally. I feel like there are many who preach that and then turn around and get mad that people are actually doing it. I am not advocating greedy commercialism or capitalizing on a holy holiday. But that's not what Christmas means to me. When I get excited for Christmas, it's not just about the gifts or the decorations or the cards or the food - although I do LOVE all those things. It's about the way I FEEL when this magical time of year approaches. I love people more. I feel happier. I think more about Christ. I feel more inclined to serve and give and help. And if anyone wants to tell me that I should wait until after Thanksgiving to get in that spirit, then...maybe you need to rethink what Christmas means to you. That's all I'm saying. There...I've aired my feelings on that topic. Thank you for indulging me. Oh, and by the way, there are 84 days left till Christmas.

Anyway, on with my list about fall.

Bright yellow leaves
Cool weather
Remembering when I met Andrew on October 9, 2004
Watching The Office with Andrew
And many, many more things

Now I'm going to go watch TV with Andrew. And possibly eat a bowl of ice cream. Okay, I am definitely going to eat a bowl of ice cream.


Elise said...

Fall is definitely wonderful!

Are there really so many who are irritated by a little Christmas in October? I would have the lights up all year round they are so beautiful! And last year I left my tree up (yes, a live one) till Valentine's! (I didn't get it until the 24th though, so I really needed more of that pine scent in my house!)

I guess the only thing that can get a little old is Cozy 106.5 playing the same elevator Christmas music nonstop from October 1st until January I a Scrooge for thinking that?

P.S. Don't ever listen to Avril Lavigne's Christmas music. It will ruin songs for you. She's pretty good at singing hater songs (for the most part), but not for singing Sacred songs. Yuck. It still gives me the shivers to think about her angry voice singing "O Holy Night."

Now, that was practically a whole blog for a comment!

Elise said...

Oh, and can I just tell you that I love how I don't have to type in those lame security letters when I comment on your blog? Those things irk me...

Marissa said...

Good point steph. I have left my nativity set up all year in the living room since last Christmas just for that reason. Alot of people come over and have commented about how I "Forgot" to take it down.'s one of those things that's helped me think about the real meaning a little more frequent throughout the year. Anyways, this is my favorite time of year. I love the fall. And I am with you on HOT summers. Not for me. Unless I'm either on a boat or swimming. I hate feeling hot and muggy. Especially 8-9 months pregnant. Barf.

Andrew said...

I totally love Christmas too! But I also feel kinda bad for Thanksgiving- it's my 2nd favorite and it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

Lisa said...

Steph- the above comment is actually me. I did not realize Andrew was signed in!