Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have come full circle.

During the almost 20 months that Andrew and I were dating and engaged, I was insane. There was absolutely nothing in the world that could come between me and being with him. It was especially pathetic at the beginning, when I was living in UT and he was in CO. Before I finally just moved up there to be closer to him, we talked on the phone. A LOT. If ever he called, I would race out from wherever I was to talk to him. If I knew he was going to call at a certain time, I made sure that I would be able to have a good, long conversation with him and didn't really schedule anything around that time.
Well, I find myself in that situation again. This morning, I got to talk to my lover for the first time. He is in some country I can't even pronounce or spell. He called during playgroup and I raced into the garage, completely abandoning my children and the other women and kids who were sitting in my living room, to talk to him for his alloted 15 minutes. When the beep came that signaled our time was over, you might as well have just punched me in the face. But he scheduled a time to call me again tonight (which, since he is 13 hours ahead of me in time, was the next morning for him).
And tonight I had Enrichment meeting. I was asked to teach a class on conducting music for the last 20 minutes. I had decided that in order to be home in time for the call, I would need to leave at 8:30pm. It was 8:05pm, and there was nobody making signs that they were hurrying to my class. I thought, "Maybe nobody signed up for it." Which, after my preparation, would have been a bummer. But finally, at 8:10, the Enrichment leader, sensing my anxiety and knowing I had to leave soon, made an announcement to everyone that my husband would be calling from overseas and I had to leave soon, so GET TO CLASS. (The theme was back to school night. So I guess I should have given them all detention for being tardy.) The 6 girls who took pity on me and signed up for the class even though they already knew how to conduct music scurried to my classroom. The lesson was a jumbled mess - not at all how I had planned - because I was so flustered thinking about making it through the door of my house before that phone rang from my honey.
Thankfully, they were all very helpful and understanding. I gathered up my children (Eva was a gem in the nursery - HALLELUJAH!), the cute plate that I painted, my big empty bin (I donated all my old clothes that didn't fit anymore - YAY!), and my two bags and rushed to the car. I had time to put both kids to bed and get a glass of ice water (it was another sweaty evening) before Andrew called.
So I feel like we are dating again. Except we have 2 kids. And we are a LOT farther apart than Colorado and Utah. And there is an annoying beep that tells us when our talking time is up. But I am just so grateful I got to hear his voice twice in one day. It made me all giddy and excited. I really have come full circle.


bones chick said...

I am glad to hear you still get all giddy for my brother. I am also glad you get to talk to him, no matter how little, while he is away. Hang in there and it will be over before you know it. You're doing a great job. We all miss you here and wish you were closer to keep you occupied while he was gone. You know you'd be with the circut non-stop.

Chanel said...

I am sure my dorky brother was just as giddy to talk to you (really though, does he still mumble on the phone so that 1/2 of the conversation is consumed with "What?"). I have a little surprise for you so I need to mail it off- I'll call and get your new address!

Lindsay & Kenny Weston said...

haha oh i remember those days. even on family vacations when we were in the middle of some cool historical site you would bolt out of the building to talk on the phone and from then on, you were completely unaware of anyone or anything else until you got off the phone. Your poor children! haha just kidding :)