Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I paused the TV on this scene today:
Eva looked right at that woman (who is the mom off that show about midgets, "Little People, Big World") and said, "GRANDMA!" Hmmm. Don't tell my mom.

Cooked this delicious chicken for dinner. It looks heavenly...probably because when I opened the oven to take the picture, steam fogged up my lens.
I accidentally left one in a LITTLE too long.
Eva, what does a train say? CHOO CHOO!
Eva, what does a sheep say? "BAA!"

A little sneak preview of Halloween:
And this fat boy was so happy when he heard the bath water come on.


Lindsay & Kenny Weston said...

Steph! You look so cute and so does your family, and the glimpses of your house are beautiful!! Your food looks yummy, and I cannot BELIEVE how big Leighton is getting so quickly! boys must be just big eaters because that's exactly how Tyler was. I wish I lived next-door to you!!

Kara Camille said...

Steph I was laughing outloud last night when I saw what your tv was paused on and how Eva thought it was"grandma". I don't know why, but that really got to me--too funny! Leighton is a little chub, just like Nixon!