Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eva is 19 months old today.

This fact has caused me reflection on some of her current personality traits - the dominant one being stubbornness. I thought about this on our little walk around the block this afternoon, and it seemed she read my mind. Because she proceeded to do these funny things that totally demonstrated her personality.
1. She saw that Leighton was in her old pink flowered stroller and at first tried to pull him out, but then wanted to push him in it. Even though she couldn't push it straight, she could barely see over the back of it, and sometimes it would get stuck and she wasn't strong enough to get the wheels back straight, she insisted on doing it.

2. She constantly lags behind. It is SO annoying when I am trying to carry the huge, heavy carseat and try to get her to follow me. It takes forever to get into church on Sunday. And of course, there is someone always there holding the door for like an hour while I try to get her to follow me.
3. She is SO observant. When I'm watching a movie, she will notice things in the background that are so insignificant. Anything she knows the word or sign for, she will spot it ANYWHERE. She always finds tiny specks of food in her cup and won't drink it until we get it out.
4. She LOVES shoes. I love when she says the word - she scrunches up her little lips and says, "Shoooooss." At this point in the walk, she decided to have a seat on the sidewalk and examine her tennis shoes. And she wouldn't get up, of course, until she was good and ready.
5. She is hilarious, and she loves hamming it up. One funny thing she did on the walk that I never want to forget: She started walking up to someone's driveway, and I said, "Eva, please come back. I don't want you going up to other people's houses." At that point, she was almost to the garage. She looked back over her shoulder at me like, "Just try and stop me." Then she walked up to the garage door handle and pretended to take it off and eat it. Then she looked at me smugly like, "I showed you. I just ate the garage door handle," and walked back to the sidewalk like she owned the neighborhood. I tried not to laugh, but it was probably the funniest thing she had done all day - or all week - and I couldn't help myself. What a nut. Leighton gets a kick out of her too.
Here are a few other pictures I took of her on her 19-month birthday. (Yes, I am one of those moms who celebrates the months.)
Her brand new potty chair - she loves it already.
This morning at the little base playgroup we go to, she "made" these hats. I wrote her name and she decorated it. And the other one is for Daddy to see. Obviously.
She kind of looks like J-Lo with that huge brim, doesn't she? Except a billion times cuter.
P.S. Sorry I didn't take the time to edit the pictures. I'm trying to hurry so I can go watch The Office. Just imagine they look good.

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Marelize said...

Ummm...ok, I didn't know you were an Office fan. We can now officially be friends! We'll have to talk about the new Office developments. I'm not sure what to think.

PS: How cute Eva pushing Leighton..:)