Thursday, February 28, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel

I am slowly emerging from the haze of sickness I have been in the last 3 days. I honestly can't ever remember feeling sicker than this--from a cold, that is. Yesterday I couldn't even stand up from the couch for more than a few minutes without wanting to die. I spent most of the day with a cold rag across my eyes and two kleenexes shoved up my nose. Any movement outside of laying down sent my sinuses into an uproar, and I was utterly miserable. But today I am feeling slightly better--at least better enough to sit at the computer with my eyes open. :) Thankfully, Andrew was home all day yesterday so I didn't have to be a mom and an invalid at the same time. Today he had his last flight ever in the T1 and will be gone till late tonight.

So Eva and I have had a great time together today. The weather has been decent enough to play outside for a while. In an attempt to get her to be brave enough to walk on her own, we took her walker toy outside and walked up and down the path in the back of the house. She loved it and chattered away to herself while hi-stepping down the sidewalk. I just had to smile watching her with her blue eyes shining and her little hair blowing up over her purple cap. It was a perfect moment and one that made me so incredibly grateful to be her mother. It's moments like that that make living a couple days with kleenex up your nose seem really small in comparison.