Sunday, October 19, 2008

Off to save the world

I will tell you this much: nobody will ever attack our country with the intention of stealing our military uniform ideas. That hat wouldn't instill fear in anyone. Except maybe the person who has to wear it.
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M&M Stone Family said...

It might scare the fish too. Or Giligan might feel challenged for his position in the world (are you old enought to even know who Giligan is?) Anyway, it does suck when our hubby has to go. Mike is in Germany for 4 months. The weekends are the hardest so come up with someone to visit or somthing each weekend to make it a little more bearable. God bless you. -Mylinda

Ali Flegal said...

Oh Steph,

I loved the 'strength beyond my own' post. I had chills, I had have my thoughts and you have my prayers.

Sunday at Church with two kids... good grief. You're so strong. You inspire me and I owe you my thanks for making me lose weight with all of the calories I'm burning from laughter while visiting your hilarious, yet always uplifting (my nod to the breast milk post), blog.

Ali Flegal said...


I wish I was your next door neighbor. Seriously. That would be so grand.

Chanel said...

He is one dorky hottie!!