Friday, October 10, 2008

Not to be political again...

But I'm going to be. I just finished reading this post, and all the comments, and, as politics mysteriously do to most every American, it got me all fired up.
I'm not going to act all knowledgeable about everything this country needs or anything. I am so sick of all the eletion crap, I could throw up. (The only thing I watch now is SNL's version. It's much more fun.) I hate McCain almost as much as I hate Obama. But let me make one thing clear. The only real reason I am voting for McCain is because I think Obama is out to take away my husband's job. (Not personally, of course, but he's obviously not all about supporting our troops.) And in the end, I'm all about job security in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Especially if it means my family won't be out of an income and my husband will never have to do something he loves less than flying. Selfish? Yes. But I'm sure most people vote for selfish reasons.
Andrew wants me to start a blog that will get everyone rallied together to obliterate the two-party monopoly in this country. I'm sure, what with my worldwide internet influence, that should be easy.
So, who are you voting for? Why? Are you sick of the politics? Want to kill me for bringing it up again?


Elise said...

Oh good. One of my favorite subjects.

I also hate Obama. Change we can believe in? More like change the naive believe in.

I'm with Andrew. Kill the two-party system. It needs to be more like a five-party system or something.

Bob Barr, anyone? Chuck Baldwin?

Marelize said...

Ooohh we should talk about this on Thursday! I can't vote because I'm not a citizen. But if I could, it would be McCain. Not a big fan of the "bigger government solves all problems" Obama. How do you feel about Palin?

Scotty and Meg said...

I know I should not even get started on this because I will get on a soap box and never get off. Politics have been driving me CRAZY! I couldn't even finish watching the last debate because I was annoyed by it all. Anyway, I should stop now before I get my big mouth into trouble. HOwever, my cousins live in Wasilla and they absolutely love Palin.

Scotty and Meg said...

Okay, we have our caps on. We will be back! This is hilarious.