Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I miss Enid.

This post is dedicated to: Krista, Megan, Melissa, Hillarie, Leah, Lily, Camille, and Lisa. And in behalf of Eva: Owen, Kiera, Olivia, Francis, Adam, Merritt, Brian, and Clayton. I miss you guys like crazy.

It's not that I don't love it here. Because I truly, honestly do. But there is just one problem. I REALLY miss my amazing, incredible, too-good-to-be-true friends from Enid. I guess I was expecting to find that here, and I haven't yet. The closest friend I have here is Melanie Willis (I love you more than you know, Mel, if you're reading this!), but she unfortunately lives almost an hour away. So it's not like I can just walk to her house when I need someone to talk to. (I am, however, meeting her on base tomorrow to go to Escape Zone - a kids playplace - which I am inordinately excited for.)

I had playgroup today. Again, at my house. Which is fine. It gives me motivation to get my house spotlessly clean...only to have a million unsupervised children run around in every room. (I guess I forget that other kids can open doors even though Eva can't.) A couple boys went in Leighton's room and prematurely woke him up from his nap. There were some in my bedroom (grrr) and ALL over. Which I guess I should expect...I don't know.

But all my work and stress over getting the house perfect and serving delicious food just did NOT seem to be worth it. In Enid, playgroup was ALWAYS the highlight of my week. It was great conversation with my favorite women in the world, and I always left there feeling better about myself and my life. Not the case here. When everyone finally left today, I felt drained, annoyed, and exhausted.

I miss having close friends who had so many things in common with me. I miss walking to a neighbor's house just to say hi, and likewise having people to drop by my house. I miss craft group. I miss laughing hysterically with friends. I miss girls' night. I miss looking forward to Sundays knowing that I would see people I love at church.

Maybe I'm just being negative, and maybe I will form some great friendships here. There just hasn't been anyone (except Melanie - I mean anyone in my immediate area) who I "click" with. I wanted to cry today just thinking about how different it is here from Enid and how much I miss my dear friends. I love my house, and I am so happy to be here. I just wish I could have brought all my friends with me.


Lisa said...

I miss my Enid peeps too! Living on base there was like this little cocoon of cozy, warm friendship. I loved it. Remember our awesome Thanksgiving dinner, when we wore our aprons? And our early morning walks? I am so lucky to have some of those friends here (and nearby!) now.

Melanie said...

Stephanie, I TOTALLY understand what you are feeling. Funny thing, I was having those same feelings today too. This place would be heaven on earth if all our Enid friends were here and if the Webbs and Willis' lived in the same neighborhood. Hey, I would even settle for living in the same area code! Hang in there. You are such an awesome person, it will be impossible for you NOT to make friends here. When you do find some friends, let me know where they have all been hiding. :o) I need some too! But we are so grateful we've got you guys here! Can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow!

Watts Family said...

Steph I miss you bad!!!! Enid is just not the same since you guys have left. I think of you all of the time and remember all the fun times we had. Girls night was the best!
I think you are doing a wonderful job. You are staying busy and being a perfect mother and wife.
You will always be missed.
Love you!

Amanda said...

You want to know what's funny? I've felt the same way about the people I've met here in WA too. I was wondering if it had something to do with the awful grey weather they have here. Maybe it makes everyone forget to have fun. Who knows. But I do know our playgroups are a bit dull and lackluster too.