Thursday, October 2, 2008

My BIG boy, and a tale of poop.

Today was ANOTHER dr. appt. I feel like we have been there a million times in the last 2 weeks. Maybe I'll just move in. We had a diaper changing fiasco that was so horrendous and embarassing that all I could do was laugh at myself. After the dr. left the room (after telling me that Leighton weighs 14 pounds 7 oz.), I decided to stay in the room and feed Leighton before going home. After he spit up practically everything I fed him, I decided he was done. As I was putting him in his carseat, I saw Eva pooping her pants. So of course, I wanted to change her diaper before leaving. I laid her on the scale thing that they weigh babies on and started the familiar process of cleaning up her bum.

All was well until I went to pull the dirty diaper out from under her and put the clean one in its place. As I carefully pulled it out, THE POOP FELL OUT. My first reaction was one of horror. I didn't know quite what to do. I tried to keep Eva's feet out of it and decided to finish changing her so I could clean up the poop without her getting in the way. I tried to scoop up the poop with the diaper, but that only succeeded in smearing it all over the table. I was getting a little panicky that someone would walk in wondering why I was taking so long and see me wrestling with a piece of poo. Not literally, but that's what I felt like. Eventually I got the chunk of poo (this is lovely, isn't it?) back in the diaper and got the poop smears off the table. I threw away the little pad they had on there and tore off the paper covering. I just kept laughing, saying, "I cannot BELIEVE this is happening." Eva didn't know what was going on. I can't wait until the day that her poop only goes in the toilet and I don't have to see it or know about it. Good grief. You'd think I change enough diapers that this wouldn't have embarassing.

P.S. Eva has this new phase of going in the pantry and bringing me random things, asking me to "hep" her eat them. Today it was dried pasta, sunflower seeds, pretzels, a cake mix, tomato paste, and just now as I type this...a carton of chicken broth and a can of sweetened condensed milk. Future chef!


Katie said...

That is hilarious! I can just imagine the expression on your face throughout the entire ordeal. Happy mothermood!

Kirsten and Steve said...

Stephanie!!! It has been waaaaayy too long! It looks like life is treating you well. Your kids are adorable! I am excited to keep up with you through your blog! We also have a Stay in touch!

Kirsten and Steve said...

Ok...I know this is the second comment I have placed on your blog in the last 5 minutes, but I just have to say that Steph--YOU ARE HILARIOUS! I love reading your blog. I just went back through some of your old posts and had flashbacks to the Nauvoo days. You still crack me up! Thanks!