Friday, October 17, 2008

We have a winner!

Actually, I couldn't pick just one. So here are the top 5 and the honorable mentions.

1st place - Trevor and Sherry Berrett for their "Bra-Berries and Cream" and "Booble Gum." I couldn't choose my favorite between the two. They had me rolling with laughter - especially their suggestion that we offer free sili-cones with the breast milk ice cream. Congratulations, Berretts! You are the WINNERS!
2nd place - Chanel, with "Titillating Toffee Crunch," and Cindi, with "Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder Berry Bust," tied for second. I also must mention that, as family, they know the history of my own milk production and came up with the clever "Steph's Surprise." I loved that one too.
3rd place - Angie Bell with "Tutti Fruitie Fresh and Nudie."
4th place - Melanie Willis with "Mary Garcia." I just couldn't stop laughing at the idea of printing on the ice cream carton the picture of the woman who provided the milk.
5th place - Chelsey Davis with "Fudge Nipple."

Honorable Mention:
Megan Thorup with "Areola Delight."
Cami (my sister) with "Vanilla Wean."
Andrew (my husband) with "Tit Roof Sundae."

Thanks to everyone who submitted a suggestion. I can't believe how funny my friends are. I guess it just took an intelligent forum like my blog contest to bring out the best in everyone. Maybe I'll do this again sometime.

Oh, and if you are listed on here (winners AND honorable mentions), please email me your address ( to claim your prize.