Monday, October 13, 2008

To my dear cousin Charity

Dearest Charity,

I don't know how to contact you. I have searched all over the internet for you, but to no avail. Will you please leave me a comment with your email address so I can write you a letter? I have been thinking of you everyday and wishing that I could talk to you again - it's been so long. I hope you read this soon.



Alyse and Carlos said...

Hey Steph, I have Charity's email. It's
This is a fun way to keep track of our cousins. Charity needs to start a blog too, that way we can all keep up. By the way, your kids are beautiful! And I can't believe how amazing you look! We need to catch up soon. Love ya!

M&M Stone Family said...

Hey Steph, This is Mylinda, I too enjoy keeping up with cousins on blogs. Does Alyse have one? Any other cousins? I got Lindsey's from yours. It's fun to have another cousin in the AF. WE are here at the Academy now. Ammon is here (in the Springs) with his new wife Allison and Sperry and his wife are here too.

jandcbate said...

Hey you. Now I feel incredibly special that I got my own post on your blog :) I see Alyse gave you my e-mail- so I will anxiously wait to here from you. I'd LOVE to talk to you! I'm quite addicted to reading your blog- Jordan says its my new best friend. I've had a great time catching up on your life. Love ya, Charity