Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Inspiration from Dale, my former boss.

When I lived in Orem after graduating from college and before moving to Colorado to be with Andrew, I worked for a non-profit company called American Indian Services. It was there I had the privilege of working for a great man named Dale Tingey (uncle of Earl C. Tingey, the general authority). Dale was old, stubborn, and set in his ways. He absolutely refused to use a computer. But he loved writing letters to people. He was one of the most thoughtful people I've ever met. He was always thinking of people and wanting to write a quick note to them. How did he remember all these things he wanted to say? He carried around a tape recorder with him. Everywhere. I was the administrative assistant there, but for a little while I got to work as one of his transcribers (along with Irene Toelupe). He would give us the tapes (sometimes several times a day) and we would type out all his letters and notes and any other random thing he thought of and wanted to remember.
I was thinking about Dale today as I drove to fill up with gas. I was finally away from the kids (sick kids leaves me MUCH less time to myself) and had time to think about things I wanted to write down and blog about. But I didn't have a pen, and I was driving, so I just tried to remember everything I wanted to say. (That's why there are a couple short, random posts for today.) But I wish I was like Dale and just had a little tape recorder with me at all times. Then all my awesome thoughts would never be forgotten. Awesome thoughts like, "Homosexuality is even more of a mystery to me now that I have been checked by a doctor for hemmerhoids (or however you spell that word)." Or "I should add up how much of my day is spent dealing with poop, pee, snot, or spit-up." I hope I never forget my awesome thoughts like that. And I'm glad I could share them with you all - even without the help of a tape recorder.

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Annie said...

Hey Steph - did you get my email today? I sent it to the wackywebbs email address. No rush, just wanted to check.