Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome home, Henry!

All day long I have been thinking about what to blog about. (Blogging is one of the highlights of my day and I look forward to it until I do it!) I was completely exhausted this morning and didn't feel like I could keep my eyes open. I cried when I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans - again - and they were still too tight. I laid on the closet floor while Eva jumped on my back because I was too tired to stand up and do anything. But I didn't want to blog about something negative. So I thought about writing about how breathtakingly beautiful Eva looked this morning while sitting on the piano bench with the beautiful overcast light from the window right on her precious face. I thought about blogging about how Leighton's smile session this morning made me happier than I can say. (He is such a better smiler than Eva was! Or more frequent, I should say.)

But then...the best moment of the day happened. HENRY ARRIVED. You may recall Henry from previous posts. He is Eva's stuffed frog, and definitely a member of our family as much as any pet could ever be, albeit an inanimate pet. We accidentally left him in New Mexico, much to my dismay, when we were there all those weeks ago, and we have been waiting for him to be sent ever since. And today, he came. In a FedEx box on the porch, his arrival was announced with the first ever ring of our doorbell (except when we did the home inspection and tested it to be sure it worked). He certainly arrived in style.

I got so excited, and Eva was curiously watching me as I sqealed and open the package as quickly as I could. When I pulled him out and shouted, "It's Henry!" she figured out why I was so happy and started laughing and reaching out her arms for her long lost love. She gave him a huge hug for a long time, and then wouldn't let go of him. Henry sat in the crook of her arm while she ate lunch, and he got occasional samplings of her milk and cheese. (Apparently her hot dog and graham cracker were too good to share even with Henry.) He went to naptime with her and she snuggled him against her face just like old times.

I am so happy Henry is home at last.

P.S. The other best part of the package is my camera battery charger! That is the reason for no pictures recently - my camera died and I didn't have my charger. That almost killed me not to be able to take pictures. I'm back in action.


Brittani said...

I cannot believe she survived that long without Henry (you too at that.) Jamison still does not go that long without Bob. Good to have him back!

Amy said...

I know you! I clicked on the followers link @ Our Best Bites and there you were. I am Brittani's sister in law, Amy (Grant's oldest sister). How cool!