Tuesday, September 16, 2008

512th thing I love about my house, and now I get it.

Okay, I don't know for sure the exact number of things I love about my house. I love everything about it, so however many things there are, that's the number. Anyway, I love my central vac system. If you don't have this in your house, you should consider moving to a new house that has it. Just kidding, but it really is awesome.

Speaking of vacuuming, I was just doing that upstairs and it got me thinking. (Some of my clearest thoughts come while I am vacuuming or feeding Leighton. That makes me happy.) When I was younger, I would lie in bed and listen to my mom vacuuming. It seemed she always vacuumed (that is such an annoying word to type!) after we were in bed and supposed to be asleep. The older I got, I wondered why in the world she did it then. Wouldn't it wake us up when she had just gone to all the effort to get all 8 of us to sleep?

And then, there I was tonight, vacuuming upstairs right after I had put the kids down. I vacuumed right outside their doors, in fact. And in that moment, I came to understand my mom just a little bit more. (I have been doing that a LOT since I had baby #2!) It only makes sense to vacuum at night, when it can stay clean for more than 10 minutes. You try all day to have a clean house, but there is always something more to do. Vacuuming cannot easily be done when there are things lying around, and there are ALWAYS things lying around when Eva is awake. So of course I would do it at night! Plus, it's therapeutic. I am finding that putting my house to bed is almost as necessary as putting myself to bed. Waking up in the morning to find fresh vacuum lines on the carpet...could there be anything better? So Mom, sorry I thought you were strange all those years. I totally get it now.
(This picture is from August 30th, in Rexburg, ID at Porter Park while visiting my sister Lindsay.)

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onebrilliantgirl said...

So I just have to say that I really love reading your blog. I always find a gem to laugh about, and this particular story really had me going! :) Quick story...when Dr Tom and I were renting your parent's basement apt I could not understand why the vacuum was going ALL the time, and like you said, late at night. The intake was right above our door and the tank was on the other side of our bedroom wall. We could always hear it. But it wasn't until we had Aiden and he started to be mobile and suddenly I found myself having to vacuum daily. And then I understood. Bless your mom; she rocks! Also, we should get together sometime that you're in the northwest.