Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Small dream come true

I have always had this fantasy about living back in the earlier 1900s, like 30s or 40s. I think it looks like such a glamorous time to be alive. Everyone had good manners and dressed properly. Housewives wore adorable aprons and had nice hair and found joy in new-fangled contraptions like vaccums. (At least, I like to imagine that they did. Because even here in 2008, I love vacuuming.) One part of their charming world that I have always wanted to have is a milkman. Having milk delivered to the door in glass bottle...something about that has always just seemed so wonderful to me.

And now, my dream has come true. I have a milkman. I have an insulated box on my front porch where, every Saturday, I get 4 half-gallons of milk from a local family dairy farm. They come in paper cartons rather than glass bottles, but I still think it's charming. The milk tastes alot better than commisary milk (even though that's not too hard to beat!) or Safeway milk.

Just one more thing I love about living in Washington.


Katie said...

You are totally a pioneer reincarnate!:)

Annie said...

We have ALWAYS wanted to do this. It's too expensive for us right now to order from Winder Farms...but someday we WILL do it. We can't wait for the day!