Monday, September 22, 2008

Random nothingness

I love having two blogs. But sometimes I want to write the same thing on both blogs, but I don't want to write it twice. But really, you have GOT to read this story. Please go here to read about this rather strange woman I met at the grocery store this morning.

Anyway. Today was SHOT DAY. We went into the clinic expecting just Leighton to get shots, but then found out that Eva could get hers as well. Leighton cried for a second and then he was fine. I was a little worried about Eva, considering I hadn't brought any comfort things, like pacifier or Henry, along with us. Due to the miracle of a DumDum sucker, she cried for all of about 5 seconds. Oh candy, how I love you.

Speaking of me loving food, I cannot express in words what I would give for a piece of French bread or a baked potato. It sounds foolish typing it now, but honestly, when I was grocery shopping today (twice) I thought I was going to die I wanted it so bad. Although I am so proud of myself for doing South Beach for the last 9 days, I am anxiously awaiting its end. Oh, and I have lost 6 pounds. Not as smashingly succesful as last time, but...I still have a couple days left.

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