Monday, September 1, 2008

Eva's belly dance

Andrew and I are sitting on the hotel bed watching a football game. Well, Andrew is watching the game; I, obviously, am blogging and NOT watching the game. Football games on television bore me to tears, unfortunately. Anyway. Eva is in her Pack-n-Play and NOT going to sleep like she's supposed to. Granted (or granite, right Kim?!), it's probably hard to sleep with the TV on. So she's just playing away. We looked over at her just now and she keeps lifting up her shirt to play with her bellybutton. She has never really paid attention before. But the funniest is that we saw her flexing her stomach muscles so that her round little belly sucks in and poofs out, and back and forth. We were both trying so hard not to laugh so that she would keep going. I guess there's one benefit of sleeping all in the same room: we get to see all the hilarious things she does in her bed before falling asleep.

One more thing from today that made me happy: When we pulled into our garage this morning, Eva said, "House!" I think she loves it there as much as I do. Movers come in the morning...I couldn't be more excited.

Oh, and one more thing. Andrew gave in today and bought me some laundry room stuff: baskets and a hanging cart. My laundry room is complete and I am surprisingly VERY excited to do laundry.

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Ali Flegal said...

I can't wait for the pictures. You'd get a kick out of reading my "wish list" for our new house in terms of furniture and other needs we have. I don't know how we're going to furnish that much space after living in an apartment that resembles a closet for so long.