Sunday, September 21, 2008

Menu for the month

I've been working on a fun project all weekend. (At least, it was fun for me; some people might consider it very UN-fun.) I planned our family dinners through November 1st! I learned from Simple Mom how to plan menus using Google Calendar and, and I think it's an awesome idea. So I'm doing it. In case any of you wanted to know what we're having for dinner, and possibly want the recipe, I'll post it on the sidebar. Some of the recipes are from my own cookbooks (and I'm happy to share the recipes if you ask me), but a lot are from the internet, and the website should be listed under the description. Anyway. I'm very excited about my new method and I'll let you know how it goes in a couple weeks. I just love getting feels SO good.
Edited: Never mind. I can't figure out how to post it and get the recipes to show up. Grr. If you have Google Calendar, I think you can still see it...I'll figure it out. In case anyone cares. :)

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