Thursday, September 25, 2008

8 years later

Today I have been thinking about my good friend Ali's post about getting a new driver's liscense, because I had to do the same thing today. Thanks to her warning, I was fully prepared to turn over me old Utah liscense, which was issued October 2000. That's right - I was 16 years old when this lovely picture was taken.

Now, rather than get a new liscense when it was time, I decided to just renew it. Hence the "Under 21" sticker remained in the upper right corner. Cute, I know. Additionally, I never got around to getting a new liscense after we got married. So on my Utah driver's liscense, I was a 16 year old Stephanie Andersen, under 21, 115 pounds, and happy to be a junior in high school.

My, how things have changed. Today, I am Stephanie Webb, age 24 (although it doesn't say my age on there, I thought I would tell you anyway), over 21, well over 115 pounds (and yes, I lied about my weight on my new liscense...please say you did too), and happy to not be a junior in high school anymore. And although one eyebrow is higher than the other (as it is in every single picture I have ever taken...I don't know why) and I look like I have goiters on my very round cheeks, at least I had a good hair day. And that's definitely more than I can say for my 16-year-old self. Watch for another update on my photogenic self in 2013, when this liscense expires. Oh, the landmarks of my life.

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Ali Flegal said...

I TOTALLY lied about my weight... I justify it as being my future weight; the amount I'll weigh by Christmas. You know, just in time for the holidays where I will certainly stuff my face to my hearts content.

Annie said...

Don't worry. One of my eyebrows is WAY higher than the other. And it's not because I open one eye wider when I smile.