Thursday, September 11, 2008

4-wheeling - Farmington, NM - August 20

Perry, Christi, Logan, and my Leighton
Mikael and me, blazing trails in the desert
No explanation, really. I guess I just felt so good flying across the dusty ground that I thought it appropriate to pose like this. America's Next Top 4-Wheeling Model.
Mikael and me, heating up the already-scorching desert
Don't worry - I know I look like a 12-year old in gym class because my sports bra is showing. It was all because I was trying my darndest to stop lactating. Forgive my exposing you to my underwear.
Leighton and Logan...for the first few minutes at least!
Andrew, pulling a Usain Bolt move :) Our favorite Olympic moment to laugh about!

Perry and Andrew
Me and my hottie patottie husband. And my sports bra, of course.

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bones chick said...

Cute pictures, but you forgot to photshop me thinner so those one suck!