Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rage against the movers

I am in an absolute RAGE right now. Andrew isn't available to vent to, so the lucky recipient of my lividness is you, dear reader.

I am working on putting away my scrapbooking stuff. If you know me well, you know how important scrapbooking is to me. I have spent years collecting these things and I take great pride in my collection. I take good care of my things and expect them to last me a long time. Well, apparently the idiot movers don't think so. Oh man, I think there is steam coming out my ears. I am angry beyond words.

Apparently when this dimwit packed my stuff, he DUMPED my neatly organized drawers into a cardboard box. No stacking, no setting it in...nothing. All my cards that I spent hours making are bent. A large 11 x 14 wedding picture - irreplaceable - is completely crumpled. Entire pads of patterned paper are bent and ripped. My foam stamps have bends and creases in them and are good for nothing now.

Aside from the insult of the complete lack of respect for my things, I am TICKED that I have to spend money to replace these things. Next time, I'm packing my treasures myself. And never again will I trust some baboon of a mover to pack for me. AARGH! I can't even think of a good insulting word - that's how mad I am. That mover is lucky I don't live in Oklahoma anymore. Because if I did, I would go after him with all my wrath.


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry!! That STINKS! You should at least call and complain- it might make you feel better? Or not. If you file a complaint they might give you some $$ to make it right. Whaddya wanna bet that we get the same baboon movers??

Amanda said...

I'd call and complain too. While they may not think it's as important as a big screen TV, it's important to you. That stuff costs a lot of money and they should definitely give you something for ruining it!

Lindsay & Kenny Weston said...

How frustrating! I would be so ticked too!

julie said...

It's true - sometimes if you complain about it and give an estimate of how much it would cost to replace, they'll help you out! They don't want their movers to be destroying peoples' stuff. I'd be so mad and so frustrated, too. Good luck!

Matt and Nicole said...

That's horrible-and the claims process isn't a whole lot better, even though they'll tell you it is.

When we moved from Memphis to Italy, our movers kindly packed their empty beer bottles. Not suprisingly, they'd been drinking while packing our stuff. You can imagine what it smelled like six weeks later.

M&M Stone said...

When we moved from Vance, the movers dumped all of my neatly organized sewing stuff, buttons, pins and needles, thread, really everything into a cardboard box. I cried when I opened the box. I didn't ever make a claim for all the stuff that was destroyed. I wish I had. Since then, several moves later, I've learned to be mean and demanding with the packers and to make claims and demand payment for my stuff. Thankfully it hasn't been too bad. Make a claim. Don't let it go.