Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yesterday's happy surprise

It was almost 10:30pm. I hadn't heard from Andrew in a full 48 hours. Which wouldn't be a big deal, except he had told me he would call. I was starting to worry. I don't ever worry about him while he's gone - his job is very safe - but I started thinking about things that could go wrong. Did something happen with the plane? Were they stuck somewhere weird?

I tried calling him on Skype for (literally) the 38th time. Still, no connection. I sighed and started closing out the computer to go to bed.

Just then, the phone rang. It said,"Webb Andrew."

"Hello?" I answered brethlessly.

"Hi, honey," he answered.

"Honey, where in the world are you?"

"I'm home."

"WHAT? You're home?"

"Yep. I'm home just for tonight."

And indeed, he was. He arrived home on our doorstep a few minutes later. Turns out they had encountered some weather and airplane issues, so they stopped back home for the night.

He had to leave again to finish the mission early this afternoon, but we got a night and a morning with the "missing link " of our family. It was wonderful. I definitely have to say, that was the best surprise the military has ever given me. So thank you, George Bush, for making one of your last acts as president one of your greatest. ;)


Lacking Productivity said...

I am so thrilled for you. I cannot even imagine what an incredible, exciting, and delightful surprise that was.

Lisa said...

What a super-happy awesome surprise!!! There is nothing in the world better than a surprise like that. I love it.

Melanie said...

YEAH!! What a great surprise! I am glad he got to make a pit stop at home! When is he home for good?