Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

When I was in first grade, I remember figuring out that I would turn 16 in the year 2000. I could not imagine myself at the ripe old age of 16, and I couldn't imagine that the year 2000 would ever really happen. I talked about it on the bus on the way home with a friend one day. We imagined the 2000s to be like the era of the Jetsons with all of us traveling around in rocketships.

Now, here we are in 2009. Age 16 came and went, and here I am on the cusp of turning 25 and I'm still alive and well. Today I feel like I blinked and my life happened. One day I was sitting on the school bus talking about the impossibility of ever reaching the year 2000. The next day I have a husband, 2 kids, a house, a minivan, 30 extra pounds, and I'm closer to picking my own kids up from the school bus that I am to those years of riding it myself. Where did it all go? Have I done everything my 7-year old self imagined I would with my years? I'm not flying around in a rocketship or living in a space pod, but I'm more than happy with my method of transportation and my living situation.

In reality, I think if my 7-year old self could see me now, she wouldn't believe it. She wouldn't believe how wonderful her life would be. She wouldn't believe how happy she would feel looking back on the past almost 25 years of a close-to-perfect life. So here's to another happy year in 2009.

Here are a few things I want to have happen in the next 12 months.

-Lose 30 pounds. This is at the top of my list for good reason.

-Read one book every month. I have my list of 12 books, and I'm really excited about them all.

-Not have a baby. I plan to get pregnant sometime in this year, but so help me, I will NOT physically give birth while the 2009 calendar is hanging on my wall. Thanks to the miracle of birth control, this goal shouldn't take too much effort on my part. I like those kinds of goals.

I will report back in exactly one year. Welcome, 2009.


Kara Camille said...

Hey would you email me your list of 12 books? A goal of mine this year is to read 10 books. I think you'd be the perfect person to give me some recommendations!

Lisa said...

Those are awesome goals! Way to go. Hey, maybe you should post that list of books- I would love to see it too.

Camille and Jay said...

OK you amaze me, you want to get pregnant, stephanie seriously rubb off on me. I know I will have two children but I just can't even think of a second right now. How do you do it?? I guess some people are just made to be moms. I really would like advice, on how you can just keep going and popping out those kids. LUV YA

Marelize said...

Oooh, what's on your reading list? We should compare notes.

Lacking Productivity said...

My birthday was yesterday and I caught myself thinking the same things. I remember thinking how cool 2000 would be, and now it is almost 10 years later. It blows me away to think of how fast time flies and where I am now.

Elise said...

So are you going for the whole "five-kids-before-I'm-30-and-then-I'll be-done-for-good" plan? It just seems like all my married friends are on that train :).