Sunday, January 18, 2009

Clearing the traffic jam

It so rarely happens anymore that I go for 3 days without blogging. I guess that's what happens when Andrew comes home, we tear apart the house, rearrange all the furniture, and repaint all the walls. We're getting ready for his parents to come.

Of course, whenever I go days without blogging, the things I want to write about get clogged up in my head. Like a big traffic jam of things to remember. Here are just a few...abbreviated, of course.

-I would like to thank my dad for having daily scripture study with us as long as I can remember. I have always been very familiar with the language of the scriptures, and today I became thankful for that.

-I have been thinking about the phrase, "What would Jesus do?" And I'm trying to decide how He would handle incredibly obnoxious telemarketers. Let me know if you have any ideas.

-Eva's three favorite things in the world are Henry, sippy, and paci. She has to have all three things at nap and bed time. Andrew and I have (rather irreverently) dubbed it Eva's Trinity.

-I have also been thinking about why there is such tremendous guilt associated with Mormon women and childbearing. It is an emotional topic for every woman, I'm sure, but I think us LDS womenfolk take it especially personally. Maybe because of the whole "multiply and replenish the earth" thing. It seems like everyone feels anxiety over something involving children - how many, how far apart, etc. Please tell me your thoughts on that as well.

-I would like to welcome back my shin splints. Thanks for joining me on my journey to the race, fellows. You won't make it any easier. But guess what? YOU CAN'T STOP ME.

-I love couscous.

-Oh, and tomorrow I'm going to heaven. I mean, Ikea. To spend my birthday money from Nanny and Papa. I LOVE knowing that I am walking in there with money and I'm guaranteed to walk out with something. Or alot of somethings, hopefully.

-Tonight Eva was in a royally BAD mood. It started to go downhill fast after I got her out of the tub and was trying to brush her teeth. She did NOT want me to do that, so she ended up with a bloody gum and I gave up. Then, in a fit of rage, she threw herself down on the floor and smacked her mouth, giving herself a big purple fat lip. Then she screamed so hard that she threw up. And I stepped in it. Needless to say, we were glad to put her in bed.


Lisa said...

We had two obnoxious telemarketers that were plaguing us for weeks- they would just call and hang up (so we couldn't tell them to not call. Fiends). Finally they both called and actually had a human to talk to . . . I'm afraid I didn't treat them quite as Jesus would. More along the lines of Porter Rockwell. But I'm happy to say that they haven't called back.

Now the childbearing thing . . . ??? happens to be my current dilemma, so if you figure it out let me know!

julie said...

I have a hard time treating telemarketers nicely (especially when they won't leave you alone!) but one idea is to get your number on the Do Not Call list. It takes a few months to work, but we've had a lot fewer telemarketers lately so maybe that's a good sign? And that way, then when they call you can tell them that you're on the list and they usually leave you alone after that.

Elder Uchtdorf gave a great talk in the General Relief Society meeting last October called "Happiness, Your Heritage" - and what I got from it was that we should do our best and not feel guilty.

Leah said...

We have an old number for a "Body Shop" in town, so we get crazy calls in the middle of the night sometimes, for us to come fix someone car. I just try to explain to them we are a private number. When a telemarketer calls, I tell I am not interested, usually they understand.

As far as childbearing goes... I don't have any answers. Also consider the inability to have children when you had hoped for them.

I hope you enjoy IKEA, I wish we were going there today. What an adventure that store is. I love it.

Elisa said...

Ugh... I am not a fan of telemarketers either. Especially when they call over and over again for other peoples names, at the same number! I have only got a few not to call back by asking them to take my number off of their list, but that doesn't always work. And about the whol feeling guilty/chil bearing thing. I think we all feel taht way all the time, and the best we can do is just that. The best we can do. And we need to remember that how many children we have and how close together is a decision made by you and your husband, and then confirmed by heavenly father. It will be different for everyone, and should in no way be a competition (which I believe some people think) Just because you have 5 kids and home school them all, doesn't make you any better than someone with one child. Everyone's circumstances are different, and as long as you feel good about it (without trying to compare yourself to others) than that is what truly matters. Sorry for the book! I think I must be bored here on the couch! And I would love to see pictures of your new rooms! I love to change things up.

Melissa Andreasen said...

My solution for telemarketers is puting your phone number on the national do not call registry. It takes about a month to completly work, but it works! (

bones chick said...

Well your last thing about Eva made me laugh and smile, sorry someday you will too. As for kids I haven't ever really had heartache over it, unless people have gave me a hard time for just my two. I know two is the number to make my family complete, everyone is different. As long as you, Andrew and heavenly Father know it is right that is all that matters.

Holly Lind said...

when telemarketers call...
"Hi, is Stephanie/Andrew there?"
"just a minute, let me check..." and put the phone down, come back and hang it up when you hear the annoying 'eh eh eh' tone. Or, just hang up when you ask them to hold. Jesus probably wouldn't do that...but I'm going to burn for other things, so why not get a smile?

Kids...I think I'm done with 1. She's all I can handle. If you are happy, I think that's what is important. Try not to let other people have too much control over your feelings.

Sorry about Eva...i'm sure she learned it from Mya...YIKES! Episodes like that is part of the reason that I think 1 child is good for me!

hillarie said...

Who knows if you'll get this comment-- if you're like me you'll check your tally even though it's a little old :). Anyway- I love how you did this post because I can never think of what to blog about when I have so much in my brain!
Telemarketers-- I don't answer if I don't recognize a number. Eric HATES this but if it's important- they'll leave a freaking message.
Childbearing- Can't begin to describe my confusion and guilt. But if you're interested, I'll tell you a terrible story about my neighbor that may have pushed me into trying again someday. Against my better judgement.
Wow- lots of looonnngg comments. Sorry.