Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My best friend

I have a best friend. She's not your typical friend, I guess. She screams at me alot. And she ruins my stuff sometimes. The other day she even ripped a page out of my favorite notebook and tore it to shreds. And she's really only my best friend during the day, until my other best friend comes home. But still, she's one of my favorite people in the entire world. It's Eva. If you think I'm stupid for having an almost-2-year-old for a best should meet Eva.

Every morning when she wakes up, I am always inexplicably, overwhelmingly happy to see her. Even though the night before I couldn't put her to bed fast enough. It's like she wakes up cuter than she was the day before. She always begs for things like cheese, yogurt (which, with her strange accent, is pronounced "ecoute"), and cookies. We eat treats together, like cookie dough.

And sometimes, she throws really big fits and tears apart cupboards or drawers. Like this morning, in a fit of rage, she started grabbing bowls and cups and hurling them onto the floor, for no reason. But lately, I decided that I can't blame her. When I'm in a bad mood, I also have an urge to throw things and scream. She's just like me.

But she makes me laugh harder than anyone. She makes hilarious faces and repeats things I say - full sentences - that crack me up. She's starting to love the camera, and when I say cheese, she gives it to me.

{This is her trying to say cheese and again at the same time.]

Just now, after being in her room for naptime for over an hour, I heard her pounding on the door and yelling for me. I took a break from typing this post and went upstairs. I opened the door to see books strewn everywhere. There was hardly place to walk. (Once again, she reminds me of myself - I used to do that when I was little.) She had gotten a drawer open (which with her dresser is no easy feat) and pulled out the Halloween costumes and the word flashcards. Oh, and an old diaper was dug out of the trashcan and sitting opened on her bed. (Thankfully, not a dirty one!) Due to the impossibility of locating her pacifier this afternoon, she refused to sleep. So I caved and gave her one of Leighton's. Which she puts in her mouth all the time anyway, so it's no big deal.

What am I going to do when she grows up? I wish she could stay a toddler forever. I don't want her to be a teenager and think her mom is lame. I want her to be my best friend forever. Or, as I would write in her yearbook, my BFF. Even with the tantrums and the tearing of books, she's still my best friend. I love you, Moolicious.


Katie said...

It's blogs like that that makes having one worth while. She's still as precious as ever! You two make beautiful babies!

Melissa Andreasen said...

I totally agree. I wish Kiera would stay little forever and always give me those "BIG" kisses and hugs. I know that some day she may not be so willing to say, "I love you mommy" with all her little heart.