Thursday, January 8, 2009

English Toffee Anytime - Life's Essential Indulgence

I am not one to disobey specific instructions. If someone I trust tells me to do something - something which is essential - I will do it. So when I got this box in the mail this morning, I decided that I had to obey. I had to eat a piece of milk-chocolate almond toffee.

Now, I don't personally know anyone at this company. However, anyone who sends me a box of free toffee earns my trust pretty darn quick. And yes, I know, I am on a diet. But I decided to have a piece, for the following reasons.

- I committed to tasting and blogging about this toffee long before I started this diet. Previous commitments always win out, right?

- I had just barely worked out - I was still in my sweaty workout clothes - so I decided this morning, right after breakfast was the best time to eat it. You know, so my metabolism burned the calories off faster than other times.

- It looked REALLY good and I couldn't resist.

I tore open the box with Eva looking on curiously. I took out a small piece. I closed my eyes (you know, to block out everything but the pure deliciousness of the toffee) and took a bite. And pure deliciousness it was. It was the kind of bite that forces you to say, "Mmmmm, " out loud, even if you don't mean to.

I decided to spare you all the experience of looking at pictures of me eating it and, instead, gave a piece to Eva to try. She has a very sophisticated palate.

She bit into it,

looked off into space as if contemplating what word in her small vocabulary could possibly describe how good it tasted,

and then she smiled at the toffee.

That's how good it is, folks. It makes small children smile and grown women weep.

And then she took another bite,

and another,

and another,

until it was all gone.

Truly, this indulgence was essential to my well-being today. And Eva's, of course. Toffee for breakfast? It doesn't get better than that. Traditionally, I think of toffee as a Christmas-time treat. But now that I know about this company, English Toffee Anytime, and the reality if being able to feast on my favorite sweet any time I want, I think I might just have to indulge several other times a year as well. Trust me - you will LOVE this toffee.

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Lindsay & Kenny Weston said...

I think that totally justifies cheating a little on your diet. Plus, I doubt it will make that big of a difference. I am the queen of justifying things, so if you ever want to cheat again on your diet, just call me and I'll talk you into it. I miss Eva! You should hear Ty say her name when he sees pictures of the two of them. It's so cute. I can't wait for you guys to come down next month. Or whenever you can come, as long as you do.