Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

I have been thinking about that sentence all day long. Today the Lord took something away from me and gave me something else, and I'm still getting used to the idea. Remember how I said about a month ago that I had finally gotten my dream calling of bein a RS teacher? Well, that's what was taken away. In its place, I was called as the second counselor in the YW presidency.

At first, I was NOT happy about this. I accepted the calling out of obligation. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this could be really good for me. I don't think I really like teenagers, but I'm sure that will change as I get to know the girls I serve. I know that in this ward (as in probably most wards) YW takes a LOT of time. I was really nervous about how I would fulfill this calling when Andrew is gone and I'm toting the kids around with me. But you know what? People have done harder things. Like my sister-in-law Brittani. She was the president, with 3 kids and pregnant with her 4th. So really, this will be fine. It will be a piece of cake compared to what others have done.

As I sat in my first YW meeting today remembering how, not so long ago, I sat in there as a youth, I realized that this calling is where I'm supposed to be. I have never before felt nervous or unqualified for a calling. I've never hesitated at saying yes to a calling. I've never wondered if I was the best person for the job - until now. And I guess that's good for me. It will stretch me in ways my other (music) callings never have. And although I am not ready to laugh at the Lord's sense of humor in giving me my dream calling for all of one month and then taking it away, I guess I should be grateful I even had it at all.


Holly Lind said...

Stephanie Webb, can I just say I love you! You inspire me. I think you'll rock YW, and it's too bad for the RS that they needed you. If you need someone to watch the munchkin's on tuesdays, let me know. Dustin will be at YM, so it won't be interrupting family time or anything.

On a side note, we need to do a mini play group or something, I miss you. Err...I mean Mya misses Eva. Actually, she does too.

Hope to talk/see ya soon!

Lisa said...

RS teacher was my dream calling too- I had it for two months! Oh well. You will be such an awesome YW leader, the girls will love you! They will probably fight over who gets to hold Leighton, I betcha.

julie said...

I'm the 2nd Counselor too - and I felt much the same way when I first got my calling. But now I am really starting to love it! In my ward it's a really difficult calling, but I think the hard work that has to be put into it makes me love it that much more. Good luck! You're going to do great!

Brittani said...

They just pulled me from teaching the 15-18 year olds and I am sad...I love working with the youth...shoot I have done it since moving to Farmington almost 5 years ago. You will grow to love it and the is demanding, but the girls need people like you to look up to, follow and love. Besides, it gets you in good with the babysitters!

Camille and Jay said...

OK you will be wonderful in there. I don't know if you know this but I'm in YW as well, so lets swap ideas b/c i am always looking for new ones. Its so fun, I LOVE the youth and it will be such a rewarding calling I promise, it really helps me forget myself. And I do take Addie with me at times in fact she is coming this week and to the stake activity in stillwater, so its all good:) Good luck and give me some good ideas b/c I need them!!

Chanel said...

I know how you feel. I just had my Dream Calling taken away, and I was put with the 5 year olds. Talk about having a bad attitude. My blog will tell you all about it soon!