Friday, January 30, 2009

Keeping me in line

2 funny things Eva did (this morning and yesterday)

1. I was sitting at the computer, and Eva was coloring on her easel behind me. My shirt must have come untucked, revealing a small portion of skin on my back. She came up, touched my skin, and said, "Oh no! Oh no, Mama!" She's keeping me modest.

2. This morning I, um...broke wind...and Eva said, "What was that? Scusey!" I have been trying to teach her to say, "Excuse me," and I couldn't stop laughing that she said it for me. Now who's teaching who good manners?

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Elise said...

She is hilarious! Oh, and the Personal History Enrichment is a group we just started. We all write on a topic from our lives and then get together with munchies and share. It's great!