Thursday, January 22, 2009

Temporarily Lost

Remember last year how I had a prolonged obsession with LOST? I must admit that that very show has been what's prevented me from posting in so long. See, I had completely missed out on Season 4. And Season 5 was close to starting, so I had to hurry and catch up. So everytime I got on the computer, I watched Lost instead of blogging. Productive, I know. And a little embarassing.

But now I am all caught up, Season 5 started last night, and I am back to normal. Well, kind of. Andrew's parents are coming to visit - they arrive this afternoon. And tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 25 years old, which is so strange. So normal is relative, I guess. By normal I mean I'm not wasting as much time watching dramatic scenes on a jungle island in my every spare minute.

In other news, we did take the highly anticipated trip to IKEA, and it was fabulous. We have now completely redone the living room, and I am in love with it. I'll post pictures...someday. For now, I'm just checking in to say I'm alive. Unlike John Locke. WHAT is that all about?


Ali said...

Yay, Yay, Yay - you're a "lostie" That makes me smile.

Okay, allow me to refer you to entertainment weekly for episode recaps and all things "LOST" - they point out things that I haven't noticed and share exciting theories.

I want to see pictures of your new living room. I need inspiration/IDEAS. We don't live anywhere near an IKEA...Pottery Barn outlet makes up for that somewhat.

Juliann said...

Hi Steph! I just found your blog and oh do I MISS YOU TONS. I started thinking about those good old days when we use to stalk boys! We were soooo nerdy and I loved every second of it. Your family is beautiful! Hope all is well.

Chanel said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy mom and dad!

Kara Camille said...

Stephanie Dear--Happy Birthday! How I wish I could make you the best cake ever and help you eat it! And I want to see pictures too!

hillarie said...

Oh- John Locke is alive..... somewhere in time.
Hey Steph- are you able to be crafty with that little baby? I miss those few little sewing classes with Krista.
I can't get anything done with the little urchins around.