Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The saddest thing about being a mom

One of the saddest things about being a mother is knowing that I will forget so many things that bring me such intense happiness.

Things like how Eva says, "Barney? Ah-kay!" and tells herself okay to everything she asks, like she is convincing me.

Or how Leighton does that thing with his bottom lip where he sticks it in and out and makes this sucking sound.

Or how Eva randomly made up this sign for peanut butter that looks like a crooked sign for butterfly.

Or how Leighton does this strangely adult-sounding laugh when I pick him up from his crib or show him himself in the mirror.

Or how they laugh at each other in the bathtub, and Eva holds Leighton's hand everytime I get the camera out.

Or how Eva just walked up to me this morning while I was on the phone and kissed my knee, and then looked at me like she had just done something great.

There are hundreds of things everyday that make me laugh or smile or cry with joy...things I will eventually forget. Because no matter how diligent I am at writing things down or trying to remember it all, it's impossible to get it all.

I guess that should make me happy, in a way. That there are just too many wonderful things happening everyday that I can't even record them all. I'm just trying to savor them all before I turn around and my kids are all grown up.

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