Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm back.

I hate when the internet becomes a source of mental stress. Like I don't want to get on because I know I have a zillion emails and even more of other people's blogs to catch up on. Let alone my own - recording all about our week long Thanksgiving vacation to Utah with my whole family. As I sat stressing out about it while feeding Leighton a few minutes ago, I decided that it doesn't matter. The pressure of getting "caught up" is what prevented me from being a diligent journal-writer during the pre-blogging era of my life. And you know what? If I don't record a single thing about last week, I'm okay with that. I'm not here to catch up, or to read about everyone else's Thanksgivings. (As much as I want to know, it just stresses me out to have so much to read sometimes, you know?) I just had to remind myself of the main reason why I blog: for my mental sanity. I can't stand not writing on a consistent basis. So I'm back in the blogging arena wholeheartedly. Even if I never tell about my vacation details.

Here are a few awesome things that have happened since we got home:

-We got our first real Christmas tree. It is gorgeous and makes our house smell like heaven. I LOVE real trees and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to fake again.

-Leighton is way cuter than 2 weeks ago. Seriously, he has improved. He was pretty cute before, but now he's starting to look more like himself and he's REALLY cute. I know, it's sad that it has taken almost 5 months for me to think my own son is completely adorable. I'm just not an infant person. I am definitely a 6-month person, though. Best age EVER.

-Andrew is back at work and isn't going on a trip for at least another week. Which means he'll be gone for Christmas...but I'm trying to focus on the positive of him being home for so long right now.

-I got stockings from Target today. They look like cable knit sweaters, and they are my favorite stockings I've ever seen. And they're hanging on my beautiful mantle like Christmas gems. I love Christmas.

-We went to see Christmas lights tonight at a local park. Eva loved it, and so did I. Honestly, Washington is the greatest place to live.


Leah said...

I am glad you are back. I was wondering where you had gone. I hope you are enjoying Washington, we will be up there on the 16th for Christmas.

Alison said...

I bet we bought the same stockings! I love, love, love them.

Welcome back!

Katie said...

I'm sure your vacation was great! Glad to hear your family is doing good. Your son is adorable no matter what age. Give Eva loves!

Taylor, Valerie and Isaac Housley said...

Hey, will you email me your address, please?! My email is valeriehousley@gmail.com

Thank you!