Monday, December 22, 2008

Free therapy

Rough day. I haven't felt this lonely in...ever, actually. I'm not saying that to get sympathy: it's just a fact. I haven't had any social interaction in what feels like forever thanks to this stupid snow, except when 2 kind friends dropped off some Christmas treats on Saturday. And it certainly doesn't help to have Andrew gone. Oh, with no hope of returning until after Christmas. I can just stop praying for him to come home in time for Christmas and start praying for strength to deal with it.

I spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself. And then, after I put the kids down, I decided my kitchen needed a good, deep cleaning. I put on my magic rubber gloves and went to work. And you know what? I feel better now. I'm going to dig in to my favorite comfort food on the planet, a Drumstick (I'm confident that will be the main food group in heaven), and read my friends' blogs now. With a clean kitchen and vacuum lines in the living room, nothing is as bad as it seems.


Lacking Productivity said...

Your "Christmas Card" is posted on my blog...I'm sorry I couldn't bring it to your house, along with a box of king size Drumsticks.

Camille and Jay said...

AHH, I'm sory Steph!! I feel so blessed to still be in Enid America b/c at least I have a hubby hom almost evey night, I bet that is tough, I'm sure I will have comfort food as well, mine are chocolate covered strwberries:) Hang in there, I hope he is home soon!!