Friday, December 12, 2008

The endless hunt for Henry

Eva loves Henry. But she also loves to hide him in weird places. On this particular day in late November, I had finally found him at the bottom of a toy bin after searching for 2 days. 20 minutes after presenting him to Eva and seeing her squeal with joy, I look over to find her trying to stuff him into this drawer. It is annoying, but also really funny how she puts him in random places. He was left in Twin Falls and we went back to find him in the bottom of the hotel dresser. He can often be found under the Christmas tree, in the master bathtub, on a bookshelf, in the pantry, or in any number of drawers. Thankfully, we always find our beloved Henry. Maybe I should get a backup just in case...

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Lisa said...

That is so cute! A twin for Henry is not a bad idea.