Monday, December 8, 2008

Today I...

-wore pajamas for most of the day. And looked really fat, and didn't bother doing my hair.

-worked out on my awesome treadmill.
-had a sore throat. Again. There is NO WAY I can be getting sick again. I just barely got better.

-fell in love with my baby boy for the millionth time this week. And it's only Monday.

-told Eva "no" when she asked to watch Barney for the millionth time this week. And it's only Monday.

-prayed for help to find Henry to help Eva be happy, and found him. Under the Christmas tree. I guess he likes the smell of pine as much as I do.

-put on pants shortly before Andrew came home. Like a good wife. Nobody can say I've let myself go.

-watched Martha Stewart on On Demand and decided to pull out my trusty cookie press, which was purchased with a gift card from Williams-Sonoma, back before I ever even knew what Williams-Sonoma was or how amazing that store was. Lately I have been kicking myself for wasting that $85 gift card on cookie accessories, because I thought it was broken. It turns out I was the broken one, because now that I read the instructions (why didn't I think of that 2 years ago?) and figured out how to use it, I am IN LOVE. You should wish you were my neighbor, because everyone within a 50 mile radius of me is going to have spritz cookies in beautiful shapes coming out their ears.

-ate too many Oreos.

-cried a couple times while reading through the lesson I'm teaching on Sunday. I felt like an ungrateful girl when I put my life in the proper perspective. Andrew being gone for Christmas is nothing compared to what many other people have to go through (Emma Smith in particular), so I am going to stop complaining about it and instead focus on how he will be improving so many others' Christmas by what he will be doing while he is away.

-finished my Christmas shopping on And resisted the temptation to buy myself a new cookbook.

-cut out some beautiful paper snowflakes to hang on my tree and from my chandelier - I found some patterns here.

-texted my sister. Andrew and I finally decided to join the modern world and upgrade our plan to include texting. I am really slow at it, but I am officially a texter.

-went to Michael's with Andrew and the kids and bought canvases and acrylic paint. For Christmas Andrew and I are painting pictures for the kids' rooms. I have always wanted to do this, and I'm so excited. I'm doing one for Andrew, too.

-ate dinner at Panda Express. Eva's fortune said, "Your financial outlook is excellent." Mine said, "Live for today, remember yesterday, plan for tomorrow." Andrew's said, "Your warmth radiates on those around you." Hmm. I wish I got Eva's.

-made spritz cookies. And loved every minute of it. Rarely has a kitchen gadget made me as happy as this cookie press. Although, it does take a little practice to get them out of the oven and off the cookie sheet at exactly the right time. I have a LOT of broken snowmen and Christmas trees. Good thing the recipe made 7 1/2 dozen little cookies - I have plenty to spare.
-And for my own viewing pleasure, and hopefully yours, here is an unrelated picture of my sisters and me on Thanksgiving. Unedited and untouched, leaving that halo behind Camille's head. She thinks it's because of her righteousness. And it probably is.


Lisa said...

I would love to see your paintings when they are done! That is really cool. Your cookies sound awesome.

Scotty and Meg said...

Your new family picture is AMAZING! I love it!

Kitchen Gadget Girl said...

I would love to know the brand of your cookie press - mine is old and does not work that well. The spritz I made this fall did not turn out well at all!

Marelize said...

I am so glad that I am your neighbor...for numerous reasons, none having to do with cookies. :) Thanks for your help tonight. You're amazing!

Kara said...

STEPH!!!You are just as hilarious as I remember in Nauvoo. I loved your day, a lot more exciting than mine for real! How are you? Kirsten and I got together the other night and decided we need you to come back to Utah. Any chances??? your amazing and always will be...