Thursday, December 4, 2008


Eva and Mommy at the lights at Temple Square

I am not an orange person. I don't mind eating oranges if someone else peels them, but peeling them just turns me off to the fruit altogether. Lazy, but true. I hate sticking my nail in the thick skin and trying to get off all the gross white part. I hate how my hands taste bitter all day after peeling it. And I especially hate when, after all that effort, it turns out to be too hard or too sour. I just don't love oranges.

But all that changes during this season of the best citrus fruit in all of creation: CUTIES. Also known as clementines, but cuties are much more appropriate. What a fun name, and what a fun fruit to eat. Peeling them is no big deal to me, because the peel is thin and easy to get off. My hands seem to smell good and clean afterwards. And the reward of eating cuties is so much more than worth the small effort of peeling them.

So for at least one month out of the year, I am obsessed with one variety of oranges. We are finishing up our second big bag of the week, and I have two more full bags wating for us. Eva eats them like they are going out of style, which is a good alternative to her current diet of candy canes she steals off the Christmas tree everytime I turn around. (I put them all up high on the top third of the tree, but she still climbs up on the couch and manages to get one down.) I carry around about 5 in a pocket of the diaper bag everyday and use them as bribing material in stores when Eva needs some extra incentive to sit her bum down in the cart. And the little stickers that come on them? A treasure in and of themselves, also offering a few minutes of entertainment to my daughter. Cuties are really where it's at, folks. So go buy a bag. And don't worry about our vitamin C intake on this side of the country. We are doing alright.

P.S. Sorry if you read my title, then saw the picture, then thought I was talking about me and Eva. The picture is totally irrelevant to this post; I just wanted to put at least one picture on here from our trip. :)


Katie said...

You guys look great. You look so grown up and amazing as usually. Blissfulness of life can do that to a person. Too bad I look like all I do is eat candy.

Chanel said...

I feel the EXACT same way about oranges, in fact I will not eat any candy that is orange. I rarely by oranges, and my kids have to peel their own. We do go through our fair share of cuties though (although I do not eat them because I do not want to peel them)

Melanie said...

NO, I think the title is perfect right above your picture with Eva. You two are absolutely adorable! Thanks again for yesterday. It was so good to hang out again.

Annie said...

Interesting fact: they are actually called clementines rather than oranges! :)

bones chick said...

My feeling exactly and wwe go through them like crazy here to. In fact when I started reading I immediately though of how you need to try cuties.