Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coming Soon to a blog near you. Actually, it's this exact blog you're reading right now.

I have an idea. It has been several weeks in the making. First I'll explain my inspiration.

It all started back when I wrote that blog about Jeff Croshaw. A few people told me they wanted to hear more stories like that. And I thought, "Hmm. I should write about all my ex-boyfriends."

Then I went to Stacy Julian's class at CKC-Seattle. While getting ready to go and picking out which pictures I wanted to scrapbook, Andrew suggested jokingly that I make a mini-album of all my old boyfriends. But I kind of took him seriously. Because HELLO, I would love to know about all the boys my mom dated before she fell in love with my dad. It's like her romantic life/journey to Mr. Right. So maybe my daughters would want to know about my dark past. ;)

Then 2 nights ago, I had the most vivid dream about Michael Rossel - one of the many boys I was positive I was going to marry. In my dream, I was not married and I was going to meet him and his wife. I won't record the dream because it was positively awkward and even I don't want to remember what happened. But after waking up, I felt certain that I needed to write these stories down.

Partly for my own sake, partly because it's funny, partly for my kids, and partly so you, my dear friends, will know just how foolish I really am. And so you can congratulate me on finally growing up and NOT falling in love with "anything male that moves." (Name that movie!)

So. In 2009 I will be working on my series entitled, "Old Flames." I will scan in every picture I have of my past loves and write the story about us - maybe like 2 a month. Unfortunately, it might take more than 2 a month for the year to get all the stories down. It really didn't take much to sweep me off my feet back then...there are MANY stories to tell.

I hope I'm not breaking any federal laws by doing this or anything. Invasion of privacy? Or freedom of speech? Maybe both. If any ex-boyfriends happen to be lurking on this blog and don't want your name mentioned, please tell me. I'll still tell the story, but I'll change your name. :)

So, there's always that to look forward to next year.


Alison said...

Yay!! I can't wait :)

Elise said...

This will be fabulous!

And the movie is Runaway Bride, right?