Monday, December 15, 2008

It's a wonderful life

Yesterday we woke up to this beautiful sight.

Not only was it beautiful because of the way it looked, but because of the miracle it produced.
I can't lie - I prayed for this very thing to happen. I know the Lord probably doesn't honor such sinful prayers, but in any case, my wish came true. I didn't have to sing that stupid solo in church.
We spent a wonderful, relaxing day together as a family at home. I organized all of Andrew's pictures from his entire life into an album. Yes, that is ONE album, singular. My, how digital cameras have changed things! I probably couldn't even fit the first 6 months of Eva's life into that same album.
We watched "It's a Wonderful Life," and, as usual, I had to fight back the tears on several occasions. I LOVE that movie. I think I might watch it again tonight, in fact.
Andrew took Eva out to play in the snow, and she loved it. They came in and had hot chocolate together; it was so cute.
I stared out the window for a while and watched the fat, puffy flakes fall down. Real snowflakes look nothing like the ones we cut out with paper. Maybe if I had a magnifying glass, I could find more simliarities other than just the color white.
We stayed in comfy clothes all day and just enjoyed being together.
I love days like yesterday.


Amanda said...

You day sounds just like ours! No church (Hooray!) and letting the kids play in the snow. Now I'm ready for it all to melt so we can drive to Utah later this week.

Lacking Productivity said...

I love church (don't get me wrong). But last year there was one day that church was cancelled due to snow, it was like a Chirstmas miracle. Paul and I still talk about that day, like it is a legend.

Cindi said...

It is snowing here today- But of course work isn't canceled. I long for a day Perry would sit and watch it's a wonderful life with me.