Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Soccer Mom

A Soccer Mom, as defined by Wikipedia, is "a middle-class suburban woman who spends a significant amount of her time transporting her school-age children to activities such as soccer practice and music lessons." Well folks, I'm there. Eva is not yet 20 months old, and already she could be considered by some to be an overscheduled little tot.

This week started her gymnastics and swimming lessons at the YMCA. 4 DAYS A WEEK. The closest YMCA is a good 25 minutes away - therefore, I think I fit the bill of being someone whoe spends a significant amount of my time transporting my child to activities. Except she's not school-age. Not even CLOSE. And these lessons were all my doing.

But guess what? She loves it. Today was the second day of gymnastics, and after dropping Leighton off at the daycare (I feel like I am gipping him of his infanthood - I NEVER left Eva as a baby) and arriving at the door of the awesome gym, she yelled, "YAY!!!" And started jumping up and down and clapping.

Tangent: She jumps ALL the time. And she is way stinking good at it. She says, "Dump! Dump! Dump!" as she jumps, and she gets some pretty good air. As we walked in the gym today on the bouncy floor, Eva was just jumping all over the place. The teacher called her a little hippity-hoppity. A very appropriate nickname, to be sure. Most of her time in gymnastics is spent jumping on the trampoline. Maybe this is a sign of her future career as a trampolinist. Or a high jumper? Not quite as cool. Tangent over.

She loves gymnastics. Swimming...I'm sure she'll get there. She has never been a fan of the water - she won't lay on her back or kick her feet or jump in to me or blow bubbles. She's not really a risk-taker...although that argument doesn't really work for blowing bubles. What risk is there in blowing bubbles? But she obviously perceives one, because she won't go anywhere close to putting her mouth in the pool. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

So how pathetic is it that I already spend 45 minutes driving to and from her lessons each day? In my defense: the lessons are free, I'm with her the whole time, and...I secretly love it.

P.S. They unfortunately don't allow photography in the classes, or else I would take some cute pictures. You'll just have to imagine.


Elise said...

You are making me more and more jealous of your free YMCA membership. Maybe I'll join the army so I can get one too :).

Camille said...

How fun Steph! I hope she "dumps" for us when y'all come. :)

bones chick said...

I wish I could be there to watch her. I can imagine it well, but I'm sure she's 100 times cuter. Don't worry about the water, in her due time she will get used to it and love it. Harley wouldn't let the water touch her ears until she was around 5 years old without freaking out. Now I can't keep her out of the deep end of the pool.

Chanel said...

Welcome to the "soccer mom" club. Once you get a membership you can NEVER give it back. It is worth every mile!

Natalie and Ryan said...

You have two kids? For some reason, I only saw the picture of your son. How fun is that? I can't believe you have two. They are cute.