Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's all fun and games until someone doubles the running times.

My running program is going great. Aside from the fact that my right hip is doing very strange things and I could hardly walk all day Saturday, I feel good. But the thought of tomorrow makes me shake in my boots. You see, all last week I did 2 minutes of walking for every one minute of running. No biggie. But tomorrow, I have to do 2 full minutes of running and only one minute of walking. To all of you, this may sound like no big deal. In fact, I know a few of you blog readers who have run entire marathons. 2 minutes of running is a marathon to me. I'm so nervous. If I never write on this blog again, you'll know that those 2-minute increments did me in. Either that or my right hip. Bad combination.

I also must record one thing I have been thinking about this evening. One thing that I hate about myself. My sisters used to call me "BP," which stands for Bottomless Pit. This nickname is totally spot-on. I eat more than anyone I know. Tonight we had my gorgeous, skinny, beauty-queen friend Melanie over for dinner. We had a full meal of cumin pork chops with avocado salsa with black beans and rice, followed by a dessert of cream puffs. After that, Andrew and Melanie both said they were stuffed. I had eaten more than both of them (possibly combined?) and I wasn't close to being stuffed, so I kept my mouth shut and inwardly chastised myself for being such a bottomless pit.

After Melanie left and we put the kids to bed, I went downstairs to do the dishes. The cream puffs we had for dessert were sitting out, and a few of them still needed to be stuffed with the cream. So I stuffed them, ate one more, and put them away in the fridge. Then I saw the delicious avocado salsa sitting there. I know avocadoes don't keep well, and I LOVE that salsa, and I didn't want it to go to I went upstairs again to ask Andrew if he wanted to eat it with me. He said the phrase that makes me feel like a cow: "I can't eat any more. I'm stuffed." I rolled my eyes, stomped downstairs, and sat on the couch with a magazine and a bag of chips...and finished the bowl of salsa. Now am I stuffed? Nope. I'm going to stop eating, but I'm not full. What is wrong with me? Why can't I be one of those girls who eats like a bird and graciously says after 3 bites, "I'm stuffed!" and have it be true.

Maybe those 2 minutes of running will be good for me after all.

P.S. Leighton is 4 months old today!


Melanie said...

OH my gosh! I hope I didnt hurt your feelings by saying I was stuffed! The meal and dessert was AWESOME!! But when I said I was stuffed I left out the part that I had already eaten about 396 wheat thins after church right before coming over to your house...oh yeah, and one of those chocolate chip cookie bars I brought over. So all that combined, I was pretty full...not just off of what we ate for dinner. AND, in all honesty, had I been alone I probably would have eaten more. I always eat less around other people. WHen I am alone I PIG out!!! Thanks again for tonight! You are the best and I would be lost in this place they call Washington without ya! :o)

Lisa said...

Right there with ya Steph. Andrew (mine) is a very light eater- he just grazes all day, and eats small meals- so I can out-eat him all the time. Man, I just love to eat.

Amanda said...

Stephanie, this is Amanda Bailey from Nauvoo, remember me? I have to be honest, I've been silently reading your blog for some time. I really look forward to reading it

1. because your so darn funny, and I can relate to almost everything you talk about

2. Because you post so often, I love that there always something new to read about.

I just wanted to tell you congratulations on your new running program, seriously I'm so impressed with you. You are such an amazing mom and a down to earth person, it's refreshing. Thanks for letting me in on your life, I love it!

P.S. This is a really long post, and I hope you don't mind if I keep reading your blog. It puts a smile on my face.

Angie said...

OK sweetheart, have you ever considered that the start of your wokring out/running program is increasing your metabloism and causing you to burn more calories ? Of course your hungry. Anytime I have days/weeks like that I just tell myself, "Oh my metabolism must be up so I'm ok to keep eating" :)