Monday, November 17, 2008

Losing the battle against my body

My body is seriously fighting my decision to be a runner. I want a new body.

On Saturday, after 2 weeks of pain, I talked to my sister Kim, runner extraordinaire, and concluded that I have shin splints. Awesome. She gave me some good solutions. I decided to run as much as I could stand and just speed-walk the rest of the time.

Today, my body decided that walking was a challenge. The trillion times I went up and down the stairs were excruciating. My feet and ankles joined in the chorus of pain, right along with my shins and hips. And I even took the day off yesterday. But I thought, "I'll just get on the treadmill after I put the kids down and walk to loosen myself up." Despite the fact that I haven't lost a single pound or fat roll anywhere and my morale is low, I don't want to quit.

But it seems I have no choice. Since Monday is the day I wash the sheets, I was putting Eva's bed back together before putting her down. As I stepped over to reach the far corner of the mattress, I kicked the corner of her dresser REALLY hard with my left foot. It hurt so bad that I instantly started crying without even thinking about it. Eva ran over and stared at me and said, "Mommy owie!" I prayed my pinkie toe wasn't broken. I still don't know if it is. It's been about an hour, and putting on my shoes to walk on my beloved treadmill is out of the question. My pinkie toe is fat and swollen and I'm limping even more than earlier today.

Maybe I should have picked an easier, low-impact sport. Like air hockey.


bones chick said...

Just stick with it. Eventually it will pay off. And the day you can run without the aches and pains is more glorious then you will know. I was so excited the day I ran and didn't throb the rest of the day and night after. I still have yet to lose anything from starting to run, in fact I've gained, but I am sleeping and in general feeling better. Don't give up yet and if you have a set back from your toe don't let it stop you. Just start again as soon as you can. For the shin splints I feel your pain. I had some last year and realized it was the shoes. I haven't had them since switching and it was worth every penny that I hated to spend getting new ones.

Samye said...

Amen! You can do it steph!! Maybe switch to a lower impact sport until the shin splints go away (nasty buggers) like cycling or something. Keep it up!! The hardest is ALWAYS at the begining!!

The Millers said...

Don't give up yet - I don't know if Kim suggested getting new shoes? Some running stores fit your feet to the perfect shoe and it makes a HUGE difference. Also, are you a good stretcher? I have some really good stretches you can try. She may have told you that already also. I didn't lose weight either when I first started - but you are gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat so just stay off the scale for awhile. Then you will be suprised when it starts happening.
I can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving - I feel like the worst aunt in the world ! I haven't ever seen your cute little kids in real life! Thank goodness youre a good blogger - I feel like I know them : )

Elise said...

You should take up biking. I think those bikers with the kid trailers on back are so cute.