Sunday, November 2, 2008

The tale of Nemo

Once upon a time, there was a little fish named Nemo. But Nemo couldn't say her own name; she pronounced it "Emo," like Elmo with no L. She was the cutest fish in all the land. She went to a trunk-or-treat at church, where she was not only the cutest fish, but the cutest kid there. Her little serious, round face sticking out from the orange felt was almost too much for her mother to handle. But Nemo systematicall refused to look at, let alone smile for, the ever-present camera in her face. Never mind, little Nemo. You still look cute, even when you frown.

Nemo acted as a sanitation engineer by not only taking candy from anyone who would give it to her, but by picking it up off the ground. Good Nemo - way to keep your world clean.

Nemo had a friend named Crush. He was a little turtle, and the cutest turtle you ever did see. His mother secretly thinks he resembles a turtle in real life, so the costume was a perfect fit. He didn't understand all the commotion about his green velvet, but he loved watching Nemo run all around.

Nemo's father dressed up as a scuba diver. He felt self-conscious going to a church function in a wetsuit, so he wore pants over it. Much to the disappointment of Darla, a.k.a. me. Because Nemo's father looks exceptionally good in a wetsuit. It makes her want to run back to the ocean right now and relive the days of their honeymoon, scuba diving in Grand Cayman. Except Nemo's mother wouldn't be caught dead in a wetsuit right now. She ate all of Nemo's Halloween candy. Ugh.

Nemo's mother is ashamed of the horrible pictures she took and is only posting them for the sake of continuing the record of our lives. Although the pictures stink, at least she will always have the memory of how adorable her children looked on that rainy October night.
And thus ends this plotless tale of Nemo. THE END.
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Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Your story cracked me up, Eva and Leighton look so cute in their costumes! Sounds like you guys had fun.