Friday, May 23, 2008

Our new Altus Home, take 2

I am beginning to sound like a wannabe movie director with all my post titles. I promise, that's the last "take." I just couldn't resist.

So we've moved "houses." Previously we were in room 2508. In that room, although it was fine, there was no dishwasher, no washer and dryer, no mixer, old gross cabinets, bad lighting, a small bedroom...oh, and a bathtub that spewed black ash-looking stuff with occasional yellow chunks. I don't know HOW old those pipes were, but seriously. Is that even sanitary? Yesterday the maintenance men came to "fix" the problem. Hmm.

Then last night, our air conditioning box in the bedroom started making this very strange, very loud noise that sounded like a cross between a foghorn and a dying cow. I decided I didn't care about the people around us, they could just deal with the noise: I was not about to let my baby sweat through the night. But Andrew insisted that we not make enemies, so we had a warm night. Thankfully it wasn't TOO bad. But I was not about to go during the day without air in the bedroom.

The real enemy though, was the front desk lady. This morning, Andrew called to report the problem with our AC unit, and she said someone would come look at it. A little while later, he decided to just go talk to her and see if we could get one of the new 2-bedroom ones instead of the ancient, falling-apart one we were in. We're having a baby in a couple weeks, and we have all these problems with the room--how could she resist? Like I said, she was our enemy. She said someone would come to fix our problems, and that since we had a pull-out couch, we were not eligible to move into a 2-bedroom. It's Air Force "policy." Has she ever SLEPT on that thing? The "mattress" is the same thickness as, say, a cardboard box with a sheet on it. My pregnant self, or my just-given-birth-self, is not going anywhere near that. And it's not like we can toss our 1-year old on it either. "Policy" my rear. Anyway.

We were quite frustrated. Then, the maintenance man Steve, a.k.a. My Hero, came. He saw our predicament and saw that the AC and the bathtub were not going to be quick fixes, and he pulled some strings to get us a new room! I am going to make him a loaf of bread, or something. We didn't get a 2 bedroom, but I really can't complain. This is SO much better. It's about 3 centuries newer than our last room. There is a dishwasher and a washer and dryer, and although there is less storage in the bathroom, there is more in the kitchen. All around, we are thrilled with our new place. We are right next door to our friends the Willises, which will be great. They have a new baby (the one that Eva smacked in the face a couple Sundays ago) and I know how it feels to be cooped up and nervous to get out with the baby but still want company, so I'll be able to hang out with Melanie. And let's be honest--I have been REALLY anti-social since we got here. So this will be good on so many different levels. Yay for us.


Lisa said...

Yay! Glad you guys are 'moving up' in the world. I mean, when you start in one of the crappier TLF's, there is nowhere to go but up. That is great. Have a good 3-day weekend!

Leah said...

Just reading your post makes me laugh and wish you were telling us the story in person. I am glad to hear that you have a better room. We miss you.