Monday, May 19, 2008

Chillin' like a villain

Just wanted to share the funniest picture from last week. She cracks me up.


Elise said...

Awesome picture.

Ali Flegal said...

Ha, that photo made my morning!

Congrats to Brandon and Camille! Whenever I think of Brandon, I imagine him walking around dressed as a cow. Remember that?

How did they meet? I can imagine that you're upset about not being able to attend. Eva still needs a flower girl dress.

In other news, we have twinner laundry baskets.

Watts Family said...

That is such a cute picture. We miss you guys. Hope you are doing well.

Lisa said...

I especially love that she is in her Sunday dress. What a cutie! We miss you guys- the base garage sale was a blast! Have a good week.

Lindser Binzer said...

hahahaha oh i love that girl