Sunday, May 4, 2008

Farewell for a couple days

So much for blogging every day. Instead, we have been watching Lost every day. We are now about halfway through Season 2. Pathetic, I know. We did manage to have a social experience last night--we went to dinner at the best barbecue restaurant around, Turkey Creek. After dinner we had the Calls and the Andreasens over to play games. Our last game night! We have had a couple of those and I'm really going to miss them. Our friends, I mean. Hopefully where we move we will find other game-playing friends.

Today is our last day with internet. The packers come tomorrow and Tuesday and the loaders (or the people who will load the packed stuff on the truck) come Wednesday. So I have to say my goodbyes to the computer today, as well as my blog--at least for a couple days. We won't get to Altus until Thursday, so it will be at least Friday before I can blog again. I know, everyone reading this will likely be crushed and not come out of deep depression until I resume the boring record of my uneventful life. :) But don't worry, friends...I'll be back.

Oh, and please notice from the ugly picture that my face still retains its normal size. I am not yet swollen, and I will be 30 weeks on Tuesday. That is reason to celebrate.


Jen Bowen said...

Good luck with the move and congrats on not having your face swell :). That's always an accomplishment when prego.

Amanda said...

How sad is it that you will have come and gone from a second duty station before we've even managed to leave the first. Sigh. Hopefully we'll manage to get up to Washington before you guys move away from there too!

Lisa said...

Steph, you look beautiful! I can't believe you are leaving already. Sniff! We will miss you!!!

Camille and Jay said...

How funny I just said that to you today, that your face isn't swollen. Well mine is big enough for both of us, so you can look pretty and I will look like a beached whale. I'm sorry we missed your last game night we would of come but it was our last chance to OKC before she comes, so we had to take advantage of it. I can't beleive its so close, AHH-I'm scared!! Anyways I will see you before you leave, but I'm going to miss you a lot!!