Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Never mind

"Never mind." This is a phrase that can easily be used at trite, unimportant times in life. For example, if I go into the grocery store to grab some milk and Eva starts acting like a beast, I can walk out of the store and say, "Never mind. I'll get milk later." Or, for another example, if I want to go to the pool and then see that it's going to rain, I can say, "Never mind. I'll go to the pool tomorrow." No big deal.
However, some people, namely Brandon Cochran, feel that this phrase can be used with such important decisions as marriage. Last night he broke off the engagement with my sister Camille. This is the second time in less than a month that he has broken her heart, but this time she was obviously much more invested. As were the rest of us, her family. For heaven sakes, we were trying to plan a wedding in 7 weeks. They had been engaged 11 days, and plans were already rolling. Bridesmaid dresses were ordered, invitations were chosen (though gratefully not mailed yet), and many other wedding details were done.
Now I know that the mature thing to do would be to let it go and just be thankful that he's not going to be married to my sister after all. Which I am--SO thankful. I wouldn't want someone so fickle and immature as my brother-in-law. And I'm grateful, for Camille's sake, that he ended it now instead of the night before the wedding, or, even worse, after the marriage had already happened. BUT I feel sort of like a mama bear right now. I have rewritten this post several times already trying to emit details that are practically spilling out of my fingers. I want Brandon to feel as horrible as he made Camille feel. I want him to hurt and cry and feel betrayed and hurt and helpless. But I can't do anything that would really hurt him. I can't protect Camille from creeps like him. All I can do, in one act of rage and possible immaturity, is to write this blog for all the world to know--or at least, the small world that reads this blog--that Brandon Cochran is a jerk.


AnnEE said...


Steph, you have not been having the week of your life. I love you, my dear. You're beautiful, and smart, and wonderful. I wish I lived near you, so I could a- let you trash talk to your heart's content, and b- give you a big fat hug.

I love you.

Ali Flegal said...

Oh man, this post resurrected some intense feelings I have for a man named Byron Kirton.

He left a NOTE on my sister's car calling off their wedding. He didn't have the ... um.... you know... courage (the pg rated word) to tell her to her face.

It was devastating and I'm so sorry your sister has to live through it. JERK JERK JERK!!!

My sister is happily married to her prince and she says looking back how ETERNALLY thankful she is that she didn't married Jerk-Face (my words, not hers) but come on, he was so tactless.

I am so sorry. Poor Camille. She'll meet someone amazing who will worship her.

Watts Family said...

What a nerd this kid is! I am glad that it got broke off so she isn't married to a weird guy.

Leah said...

I am really sorry that you have been having such a week full of emotion. I had been reading Emily and John's blog a week or two before you posted the information about his death. Are prayers are with her and those that are grieving. I always encourages me and makes me think deeply and express more my gratitude when a life, so young and unexpected is taken.

Lisa said...

I just have two words: HIS LOSS. Man, guys are DUMB. Note that I said GUYS are dumb- MEN are wonderful, strong, intelligent, caring people. But GUYS are idiots. I know your sister will be happier than ever in time without this loser, but in the meantime it is just painful. Steph, your sister is lucky to have you right now. If you run into that guy smack him upside the head!

Elise said...

I am so sad for Camille. Why the heck did Brandon ask her to marry him if he was in such doubt? I wish people would think straight...