Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew, last Tuesday

Andrew's birthday was this past Tuesday, May 13th. He pretty much had the day off, and it was great. He is 26 whopping years old. I can't believe I'm married to such a senior citizen. I gave him this awesome clock that projects the time and temperature on the ceiling, and he seemed to like it. He doesn't show much emotion about things, so I'm just guessing, but I think he liked it. We went out to dinner at this Mexican place in town that we had heard was really good. It's called "Pickup Taco" and it's a little ghetto, but it was really good. We'll probably go there often. :)

I made him a cake with strawberry icing. I was forced to, for I think the first time in my life, frost a cake with store-bought icing. YUCK. I hate that canned stuff. I like either homemade or the kind that comes piled on cakes from a bakery. But canned? Not so great. But with our lack of baking tools and ingredients here, I had to settle. He wanted strawberry but then after I frosted the cake he realized it looked like a little girl's cake since it was pink. Oh well.

He liked eating it...

and so did Eva.

I just wanted to post the pictures from that day since I'm bored on a Sunday afternoon. And I really tried all day to get a good, normal, smiling picture of him--to no avail. He was determined to look weird. At least I tried. And at least I will never forget how weird he is. :)


Melissa Andreasen said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I hope you guys had fun. It is nice to have the day off on your Birthday, that won't happen much.

Lisa said...

Maybe Andrew was making weird faces just to prove that he does 'show emotion'? I give my Andrew a hard time about that too- maybe guys named Andrew just do not show any enthusiasm? Whatever. The cake looks yummy! Glad he had a good birthday.