Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Internet, how I love thee

I underestimated the genius of the military hotel people. This morning while tidying up our small hotel room and thinking of what I'm going to do on this gray, rainy day while Andrew sits at our house and supervises the movers, I opened a drawer and found an internet cable. Hurray! Now I am guaranteed hours of entertainment. :)
Eva had probably the worst night of her life last night, which subsequently makes it one of the worst nights of our lives--she woke up at about 1:30 and wouldn't go back to sleep. She thought it was time to get up. We were both quite annoyed, as she is usually a great sleeper. Thanks to our small accomodations, we were sharing a room with her and every little turn or movement on our part alerted her that maybe we were about to get her up. Finally, after a long time of this, Andrew dragged her crib into the living room where she cried it out for a few minutes and finally fell back to sleep. Only to get up early this morning. This should be a fun day--stuck inside with an ornery, teething, stubborn one-year old. :)
Yesterday after the packers left (they were only there for about an hour!) we decided to go into town to kill time until we could check into our hotel. We went to McDonalds for lunch, where I got a Big Mac for the second time in my life. The first time I was probably about 7 years old and I felt like such a big girl that my parents would let me get such a humungous hamburger. Now I'm just a fat, hungry pregnant woman, feeling like such a big girl and grateful to Andrew for letting me eat such a big hamburger without commenting on how bad it is for me. My, how things have changed. :) We went over to Walmart to get a frozen Bertolli's meal for dinner. If you ever need a good frozen meal, try Bertolli's. They are the best frozen meals we have found. And let's be honest--I'm not the only one who occasionally turns to such unhealthy dinner alternatives. Am I? We stopped off at Redbox and rented "P.S. I Love You." After watching it, my new title for it is "P.S. I Hate This Stupid Movie." Don't watch it--it's incredibly lame and slow and not at all what I wanted from a chick flick. Andrew was so nice to let me get it and to sit down and watch it with me--I really let him down this time. But at least it wasn't just channel surfing, which is alot of what we do in hotel rooms.
We watched American Idol last night and I have to say that if Jason doesn't get voted off this week I'm going to be mad. I can't decide who I love more--David Archuletta or Sayesha. So I voted for them both twice. I felt a real sense of community as I joined in with America and watched the show live and voted, rather than hunting on YouTube the next day for videos of the performances and trying to see who remained. The beauties of cable television. Of course, after putting Eva to bed we continued to waste more time watching mindless things, ending with a Real Life Mysteries about a little 5 month old who disappeared one night and they suspect her parents of killing her. A very uplifting show, I know.
And that about wraps up our thrilling first night in the TLF (that stands for Temporary Lodging Facility, and that's what we call military hotels, and I'm going to say that from now on because it's a little shorter than typing out the word hotel.) If anyone besides me in 10 years is still reading this, I thank you for being a true friend and putting up with my boring account of a boring day. Stay tuned for more exciting news (or TV reviews, probably) from the Vance TLF.


Watts Family said...

Oh good old TLF's! It is amazing what us military people can put up with. I hope the move down there goes well for you guys. We miss you much.

Melissa Andreasen said...

Well, now that you are leaving tomorrow and I think you are such a cool person, I will probably be reading your blog for the next 10 years! And the possibility of me understanding what you are talking about when you only use acronyms is pretty good. Since that is all my husbands’ language consists of these days.
Oh hey look, it's raining again!!!