Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Musings

Today is my second Mother's Day. I am pregnant with my second child. This is not a pattern I hope to repeat in the years to come.
Andrew made me cinnamon rolls and eggs for breakfast, and Eva gave me the wonderful present of a bad attitude starting in the car on the way to church. She proceeded to be difficult, and it culminated in her hitting our friends' 2 month old baby in the face. Well, the was the last straw. I was humiliated, ashamed, angry, and confused as to how to discipline for this. She hits me and Andrew all the time and we are trying to deal with that, but hitting a newborn? I couldn't have been more embarassed. We promptly left church about halfway through Sunday School. Needless to say, I am not feeling very grateful to be a mother in this very moment--more like helpless in the face of a one-year old brat who hits.
Andrew is being so sweet though, and I'm sure my mood will improve throughout the day. I just wanted to record that Eva hit a newborn baby in the face so that maybe, in several years, she will share in a bit of the shame I feel right now. A more positive posting will follow later today. At least I have a cute new outfit.


Lisa said...

I love your blog Steph. You are hilarious, and such a good writer. Sorry Mother's Day has not been ideal . . . oh kids! They find the craziest ways to embarass and worry their parents. Don't worry, Eva will be back to her sweet normal self one of these days!

Annie said...

Leave it to Mother's Day for Eva to be a stink. I had to read this to Talon because it was so funny, and we had a good laugh. (Wait till we have kids, right? Payback.) Hope the day shaped up for you! And a new outfit ALWAYS helps. :)

Melissa Andreasen said...

I feel your pain. Mother's Day was nothing I planned it to be. I didn't get to sit around and do nothing. Instead Ryan had to fly two flights today. Thankfully the Calls invited me over for dinner or I just might have decided no more being a mom today! (Like I could get away with that)