Friday, May 30, 2008

Complaints resolved

The day ended on a much better note than it started on. Thank heavens. But I didn't want to leave my complaints sitting there unresolved for all the world to think I am a gripey girl who can't solve problems. So here is why I am much happier tonight.

-This afternoon we took an excursion off base to the local JCPenney. It was pretty small with not much (no maternity section), but I still managed to find a couple things to try on. I didn't buy anything, but I tried stuff on, and that was fun. Then Andrew took me to Sonic to get a shake. Yum. Chocolate cures almost everything.

-We have plans to go somewhere tomorrow--somewhere out of town. Possibly Lawton. In any case, somewhere with stores, where I can buy a new outfit for the funeral, which is on June 6. I hate to admit that I'm really shallow, but sometimes what you need to make you feel better is a cute new outfit. My grandma taught that to my mom, who taught it to me. I guess it's in my blood. And who am I to refute the teachings of my fathers? I'm going shopping.

-As I was kneeling down to pray and ask for strength to take Eva to the doctor alone, my phone rang. It was Andrew, calling to say he had just finished his flight and would meet me at the office. I broke down crying in gratitude. It was a really good thing he was there, because she was quite a bit to handle with both of us wrestling her. She SCREAMED bloody murder pretty much the entire time and gave the nurse and doctor the struggle of their lives in trying to weigh her, check her lungs, and look in her ears. She has NEVER in her life acted so horribly. Andrew and I were both quite embarassed. Good thing she had the excuse of being sick, or I would have been mad at her. :) I was so grateful he came with me. Of course, all she has is a cold, and there isn't anything we can do. least we don't have to pay for that useless diagnosis. And thank heavens for Motrin.

-Our cleaning lady came. She took out the trash and gave us new towels and dishsoap, and I inwardly forgave her for her slacking and absentmindedness. She means well.

-I found out more about the nasty stray cat. As I was walking to the doctor's office, I heard a meow from under this massive pine tree. I look over there, and there is an empty can of Friskies cat food sitting on the grass. Someone is FEEDING the monster. Someone who A)is obviously not allergic to cats, and B) someone who has a soft spot in their heart for nasty stray animals and will get into heaven and I won't. I never will understand people who love cats...I guess there's room enough for both types of people in the world. As long as I don't have to feed the darn thing.

-I got to watch "What Not To Wear" today--one of my favorite shows. I don't know why. But I really, really like it. And, I LOVE that Andrew watches it with me regularly. What a great husband I have.

-Tonight we got together with the Willises (our next door neighbors) and ordered pizza for dinner. Then we sat out on the porch talking for a long time, all 4 of us rocking in rocking chairs. I know we looked like senior citizens in an old folks home. But honestly, I love rocking chairs now. I am definitely getting some for our new house. What a great way to live--rocking away the evening on the porch eating juicy watermelon and listening to the beetles crash into the window screens. True Oklahoma style.

Despite the occasional rough spot and my bad attitude, life is really, really good. No more complaints today.


Leah said...

I am so glad things are getting better. I hope you have a wonderful day away. My Mother in Law is always telling me to get a new outfit and I'll feel better also. Espically when you are with child she says.

Lisa said...

Steph, you are such a good writer. I love the way you describe situations and people. Glad that you've had some good news and solutions lately!