Sunday, May 25, 2008

John Alley is Missing

One of Andrew's best friends is missing. He is an Air Force officer in pilot training in Milton, Florida. He hasn't been seen since 3pm on Friday afternoon when he left the base. Police found his totalled car on Saturday morning at about 5am, with his cell phone, wallet, and keys inside. They think that John had a head injury from the car accident and wandered off somewhere. Search parties have been out looking, along with dogs. The trail didn't lead anywhere, and they think maybe someone picked him up. It is possible that he doesn't remember where he lives or anything because of the accident. His wife Emily is 4 months pregnant. Please help get his face out there so John can come safely back home. There is a website set up for him at I know most of you don't live anywhere near Florida, but we are so worried about our friend and I feel like we have to do something to help. Please pray for him!

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Annie said...

We are so sorry about this. It was a solemn moment when Andrew gave the family the news over the phone. I am sure it was horrifying for you when you found out. Even though we don't personally know the Alleys, we will definitely keep them in our prayers. We hope you guys are doing ok also.